Lottery and inheritance frauds are coming from Spain and Spanish police was able to arrest more than 900 persons – there is no reason not to fight for your money.

17/4/2008 – Spanish police have arrested 87 Nigerians suspected of defrauding at least 1,500 people in a postal and internet lottery scam. The arrests were … › HomeNewsBelgian NewsTraducir esta página

19/3/2009 – MadridSpanish police have arrested 23 people, mainly Nigerians, who are suspected of running an email and letter scam that is thought to ……

6/6/2010 – 4 entradas – ‎4 autores

today the spanish police has arrested 200 hundred nigerians that they … The thymus ‚Nigerian letters‘ or how to win the lottery without having …,117181.0.html

7/7/2012 – Topic: Spain arrests Nigerian scam artists … a million euros in a year by convincing them they had won a lottery jackpot.

Do you know if in your case the fraudster were arrested? If there is a chance of reclaim your money? In spite of the fantastic work of Spanish police most of the victims are not informed about the legal situation of their case.

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